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Making global onboarding week events more interactive and engaging

With large new cohorts joining every quarter in the USA and the UK – some working on site, some working remotely – Matillion wanted to connect all new starters for an exciting and commensurate introduction to the company. We designed three games, designed to be played both in-person and virtually at key moments during the induction week.

The Onboarding Game: an ideal introduction to the company that brings all the onboarding week learning points together. With a focus on the Values and Culture, the Matillion Onboarding Game combines a varied mix of “Matillionized” trivia, video, audio, and puzzles, as well as a range of realistic “dilemmas” to test application of the Values.

Beat the Hacker: a fast-paced team challenge to drive excitement and collaboration during an afternoon session. Beat the Hacker created that vital ingredient of a good induction – an “Onboarding moment” – something different, something fun, something that will stick in the memory a lot longer than any PowerPoint presentation or document!

Who Wants to Be a Matillionaire: Based on the popular TV show, our custom mini-game transformed a boring session on “jargon-busting” into an entertaining company-wide competition!

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