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cyber security awareness training

Make your Cyber Security Awareness training more fun and engaging

Beat the Hacker® Security Awareness Escape Room

Make your Cybersecurity Training more exciting

cyber security awareness training

Security Awareness Training for Employees

Why choose Beat the Hacker?

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Create buzz and cut through the noise

Deliver your awareness training with a thrilling hacker themed Virtual Escape Room that your staff will love.

game-based learning for large companies

Inspire and engage your participants

– Introduce the fundamentals of cybersecurity
– Competitive and fun group format
– Slick, on-brand experience

Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities

Off-the-shelf or tailored to your security policy

We have 12 years experience of designing custom games that embed key learning points.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Escape Room

Beat the Hacker® Cybersecurity Awareness Escape Room

Cyber Security Awareness Training for employees

Engaging Cybersecurity Awareness Training

“Beat the Hacker Cybersecurity Awareness Escape Room” is a fun, interactive training game designed to help employees understand the fundamentals of Cybersecurity.

How the game works

Based on a Virtual Escape Room format, players are challenged to solve up to 15 exciting missions linked to cybersecurity threats and eventually “Escape the Room”. The games takes 60 minutes and is run in small groups of 3-6 people.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training
Security Awareness topics

Game content

The game contains 15 exciting missions relating to Cybersecurity, covering the most important topics.

Introduction to Cybersecurity
Phishing x3 (HR scams, Password theft, Spear phishing, CEO/Invoice fraud)
Access & Passwords
Device Management
Public Wifi and home routers
Identifying symptoms of a hack
Cybersecurity trivia
Wrap-up and reflection

The story

A hacker has managed to take over your servers and lock your company data files. But the hacker is not motivated by cash, the agenda is more philosophical. He wants your team members to prove that they understand the importance of cyber security, and that the team members are ready to start living according to the core guidelines. If they succeed, the files will be returned.

Virtual Escape Game - Beat the Hacker

User friendly and easy to set-up

The game is run online and can be started with a simple click on a link. You’re up and running in seconds and there is no need for downloads.

Choose to run the game virtually or in-person in the office.

Off-the-shelf or customized

Beat the Hacker can be tailored to fit with your organization’s learning objectives. We’ve helped hundreds of clients helping strike the right balance between learning and fun. We can also brand the game with your logo, fonts and color codes.

Customized Security Awareness Training Game
Group of diverse businesswomen smiling while taking part in corporate security awareness training

Who is it for?

The game is designed to help staff understand the fundamentals of cybersecurity, in a fun and easy going way. By playing together in small groups, the experience becomes more collaborative and engaging, making the learning much more effective.

Testimonials and clients

We’ve delivered Beat the Hacker Virtual Escape Room Game to close to 300 000 players with amazing feedback. Our game rating is 4.6 out of 5.


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Security Awareness training for employees
Cybersecurity Escape Room

Security Awareness Training – further reading

Gamification of employee training has really taken off and now even the most important government agencies support games based training.

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