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Green Hat Challenge
Core Values Edition

green hat challenge core values edition

Green Hat Challenge
Core Values Edition

Green Hat Challenge - Teambuilding

Our best seller - Creative and engaging for any team!

45 - 75 minutes
5-2000 pax
from US$35 / £29 / C$39 / €35 per person

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Green Hat Challenge - Teambuilding

Fun and exciting scavenger hunt that helps reignite your core values.

Fun and exciting scavenger hunt that helps reignite your core values.

Excitement for all teams – and reignition of your values

Green hat Challenge is a whirlwind of fun and exciting questions and challenges that takes your team spirit to a new level.

The challenges are designed to bring out laughter and promote team collaboration, all in about an hour.

It can be played anywhere in the world on your own devices.

Green Hat Challenge Företagsaktivitet

How Green hat Challenge works

Green hat Challenge is an exciting scavenger hunt, were teams of 4-6 persons takes on a a series of more than 100 challenges and exciting missions, during the course of a 60 minute game.

The city, a venue or your own office – anywhere can be the arena for this exciting game. The teams are working with the environment they are in to solve all missions.

There number of challenges are greater than the time to solve them, so the teams must make sure to collaborate and prioritize to make the most of them!

The contents of the game

The game missions are designed on the premise – no one knows all, but all knows something.

To foster collaboration and spur engagement, the mix is composed of different mission styles.

– Take pictures of people, places or objects.
– Solve puzzles, quick Gut feel trivia and brain teasers.
– Find locations and objects and solve missions around them.
– Engage with people and use the city or venue as your game board!

Green Hat Challenge - Teambuilding
Green hat Challenge Values

Igniting your core values!

During the game, we have carefully and playfully inserted a series of missions that engages and activates the understanding of your core values. The are brought to life in a intuitive, light-hearted and exciting way.

What pop song represents pur values? How would we illustrate the values? What does it look like when we are fostering a winning culture? All of that and much more in this intriguing game!

After the game is played, you will be served with all replies and insights from the game – Content that can be used for

Enable strategic thinking and make most of your teams’ strenghts

There are multiple ways to tackle this challenge! Are you going the fast route only answering easier question, or taking on the harder missions worth more points?

In a strategic challenge like this one, prioritization and collaboration becomes more important than ever!

Green Hat Challenge teambuilding

Quick guide – How it works

Where: Green Hat Challenge can be played anywhere, anytime. We recommend to play outdoors! Teams must be at the same location.
How: One person per team opens the game on their phone. Weblink, no download needed.
Game time: Standard game time is 45 minutes. Set aside 15 minutes for intro and outro. Other game leghts available on request.
Team size: No limitations! We recommend to divide your group into teams of 4-6 people.
Green Hat Challenge Teambuilding
Green Hat Challenge Företagsevent

Pricing & Versions

1. Quick start – Standard challenge!
Our most available option. No adaptation included, but lots of fun promised. Prices from US$35/£29/C$39/€35 per participant and start up fee of US$195/£150/C$250/€195

2. Tailored to your core values
Our most popular choice for core values work! We tailor the game based on your core values and branding with a lot of questions and screens adapted. Prices from US$35/£29/C$39/€35 per participant and start up fee of US$1950/£1500/C$2500/€1950

3. Fully tailored experience!
For large groups, or special occasions we can tailor the game to your needs. Reach out to us for more information on what is available and a quote!

Add ons

There are lots of possible add ons! Virtual facilitation, adaptation to a specific location or time lenghts and more. Reach out to know what is there!

Trusted by thousands of businesses every year

More than 500 000 persons have played Green Hat Challenge across the world with an average rating of 4.6 av 5.

Read more about us here!

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Green Hat Challenge - teambuilding


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Green Hat Challenge

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Tailor the game

Want to personalize your team event? We have many years of tending to different needs and wishes! Reach out for more examples and prices!

What you get out of the activity?

Green Hat Challenge is the perfect event to build a strong team, have fun and practice your core values at the same time.

It is designed to make all paticipants not only active during the activity, but an integral part of the team!

The missions are very varied, and we promise there are plenty of missions for everyones liking!

You will also gain interesting insights on your companys culture and values.

Green Hat Challenge Företagsaktivitet


How long is the activity?

Standard game time is 45 minutes. We recommend to set aside 10-15 mins for introduction and wrap up! Other time lenghts available on request!

Who is it for?

Any team that meets up, and wants to have a great way of having fun and work on their company culture.

How many participants can take part?

No limit! We have had groups of more than 2000 players at the same time – but would be happy to have that challenged!

Do we need a host or facilitator?

No! We recommend to play on your own. One member of your team will have the necessary instructions!

How do we split into teams?

You can choose to do it in advance, or at the start of the game.

We do not kno wthe exakt number of people, can we make a reservation anyways?

Most of the times we are happy to help with this – Reachh out and we will find a way to make it work!

How many have you delivered?

We have been around since 2006, and Green hat Challenge is our longest running product! Over one million users worldwide and well over half of them have played this game with an excellent rating!.

Does this require an app or a download?

No! The games are run through your mobile phone browser.

What do we need to run the game?

All you need is a team, and a smartphone with internet access.

Can you give us suport if anything happens?

Yes we do! If you want personalized support there re options – let us know and we will fix it!

When can we play??

You run the game on your own. Anytime, 24/7!

When do we get access to the game?

After contact with us we will send you the links and instructions once we have confirmed a payment option.

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