Green Hat Challenge

Pernod Ricard

Varmt välkomna att ta del av de case och lärdomar som vi har samlat på oss under åren! Vi hoppas här kunna bidra med en del inspiration.

Brainstorming on Marketing Campaigns and Business Opportunities

Pernod hired us to create a gamified event for 300 participants. The goal was to brainstorm the coming year’s marketing campaign and new business opportunities.

The Museum of Modern Art set the mood

For maximum inspiration we ran the event at the Museum of Modern Art. Staff were divided into small teams, and handed a tablet. The tabs gave instructions and guided them to a series of predetermined artworks. The teams discussed creative elements found in the artwork, which was used as a source of inspiration for future marketing campaigns.

The creative ideas were available online straight away, then coupled with mood images and descriptive texts. The best ideas were singled out for further discussion and idea generation in a second workshop.

The result – a game-oriented brainstorming exercise, which led to many exciting ideas and motivated employees.

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