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In less than 30 minutes we'll show you how our customised, group-based games create excitement and drive mad engagement rates.

  • Proven gamification mechanisms
  • Competitive and fun group format
  • Slick, on-brand experience

With 12 years of experience of large scale roll-outs and close to 2 million participants, we know what works and what mistakes to avoid.

Imagine launching new values or delivering training with a thrilling escape room? We offer a range of exciting game formats that employees love.

Tired of the same old formats?

Why choose Green Hat Games?

Works on any device

Runs online on browsers - start with a click on a link.

12 years experience

Communicate in the language your employees prefer for maximum effectiveness.

Tired of the same old formats?

Automated Customer Onboarding for small sales teams

Say it with a game

In-person, virtual, hybrid

We support all meeting formats.

Collect data and track progress

Retrieve useful data and track user behaviour on individual or aggregate level.

Powered by intelligent automation

From effective change initiatives to fun corporate training

Our games and workshops can be customised to make any topic inspiring and exciting, for example:

Engaging game formats

Virtual Escape Room creates buzz and excitement and is designed to raise awareness or provide a fun introduction to the topic.

Group Learning Game offers a deeper learning experience, plenty of group discussion, a variety of challenges and valuable data.

Any language or location

We have delivered roll-outs across the globe and know what works.

Create buzz and cut through the noise

Inspire and engage your participants

Work with the gamification experts

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“Over the past weeks, more than 5,000 STADA Group colleagues joined the “Connect4Values” game to explore our values! People especially enjoyed connecting and getting to know each other, leading to conversations on a different, more personal level." - Mélanie Ecks, STADA Group

  • Launching Core Values
  • Communicating a new Strategy
  • Introducing a new Way of working
  • Cyber Security Awareness training
  • Promoting Diversity & Inclusion
  • Incident Response
  • Scenario Training

On-brand & customisable

We will customise our games to fit your needs.

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Try our gamification solutions to ignite your campaigns, inspire your people, and make your messaging stick.

Say it with a game. Try our industry leading gamification solutions to ignite your campaigns, inspire your people, and make your messaging stick.

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Create buzz and cut through the noise with our engaging game-based learning solutions.