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Gamification for meetings

Super charge your meetings with gamification

We help take meetings and events to the next level with interactive business games and digital team experiences.

Supercharge your meetings with gamification

We take corporate meetings and events to the next level with interactive business games and digital team experiences.

Gamification for events
Gamification for meetings

Tired of PowerPoint marathons?

A full day of presentations is not the best way to deliver a compelling message that involves your participants.

We help make your meetings Interactive & Engaging

For a memorable experience, you need to take your participants from passive listeners to active contributors.

We offer a range of exciting digital business games, workshops and team activities that drive true engagement and participation.

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Our secret recipe

– Break up the audience into smaller groups
– Challenge them with exciting business games and workshops
– Give them space to talk, bond, learn and have fun together!

What is the outcome?

– Higher energy levels
– More group discussions
– Fun and excitement
– Networking opportunities
– On-brand experience

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Our gamification solutions

Online Gamification Platform
In-person or Virtual

Art Heist Virtual Escape Room

Customised Digital Escape Room

Beat the Hacker is an exciting, interactive way to get your message across to staff. Played in small teams, the participants  are challenged to solve up to 15 exciting missions relating to your topic.

Customised Business Game

Get your message across in a very engaging way with a customised 60 minute business game. We use a variety of learning mechanisms like case studies, dilemmas, group discussions and corporate trivia to drive engagement and provide in-depth learning.

Gamification for meetings
Mingle Game teambuilding för företag

Interactive Team Experiences

Boost your meeting with fun, collaborative team activities. From 5-minute icebreakers to 60 minute digital scavenger hunts, our solutions will add energy and help staff bond. The activities are available off-the-shelf but can also be customised to incorporate your key messages and brand.

Why choose Green Hat Games?

Fun & Exciting

Using gamification techniques and peer-2-peer learning, our games, workshops and icebreakers are incredibly engaging.


Our solutions are fully designed for virtual events. Played in break-outs we take your new hires from passive listeners to active contributors.


User friendly and easy to run, our solutions are loved by organizers. Available 24/7 in any language we help you deliver a memorable experience with minimum effort.

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Gamification for meetings

How it works

Business Game

Content and game design

We have a long experience of customising digital solutions for a range a topics. Some of the more popular ones include strategy, core values, corporate culture, vision, brand story and product launches.

Our game design team will help you customise the experiences to make sure we deliver on your goals. The design process can take from a day or two up to a few weeks.


All our solutions are run online on browsers – choose to use laptops or smart phones. You can deliver in-person or virtually.

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Online Team Building - In-person Events

12 years experience

We have delivered gamified meeting solutions to clients across the world for more than 10 years. Almost 2 million participants have used our products with thousands of happy clients. Please get in touch for case studies or testimonials.

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